Welcome to the gigantic city of Sandukar. The city that breathes smog and devours lives unconcerned of the miserable lives of its inhabitants. The city you was born into crying, and the city where your death will go largely unnoticed. It's a grim existence where strong and destructive feelings of desire, aggression and vengeance rules the dark back streets. Egoism, greed and vanity fights hidden desires of love, justice and generosity. 

Between the State's firm regime and the Lineages ruthless rule the ordinary citizen struggle to survive the day. This is where you come in. Not a hero, barely a protagonist. A human who tries to find their place among brutal gangsters, corrupt cops and sadistic employers. A person have to navigate between right and wrong, good and evil.

Will you find your way to the fleeting luck or will you like so many others fall down into the endless darkness?

Noir: Long Shadows

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